Meeting Notes (6/5/19)

Meeting Notes

Notes from 6/5/19

Attendees: Trent Boarnet, Mark Ingram, Beth Saltzman, Adriene Goodwin, Mel Cohen, Daniel Laser, Tracey Gulledge, Lenny Feiner 

Upcoming Events:


6/8/19 City of San Antonio Elections


Discussion Items (Action Items in Red):

  • Reviewed climate action and adaptation plan letter of support
    • Action: List of Current San Antonio elected city officials will be prepared to provide in addition to the letter. (Tracey)
  • Assistance programs for seniors, families, home owners, etc. from CPS/SAWS
    • Action: Prepare list of assistance programs that can be given out at next TBE senior luncheon. (Craig)
  • Questions were raised about the current San Antonio recycling program. Questions including what to do with lawn trimmings, where does recycling materials go, etc?
    • Action: Research SA recycling program and/or find a possible contact (Mel)

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Next meeting: Wednesday 7/10/19, location TBD