Immigration Group

Meeting Notes

Notes from 1/31/19

The Community

All of us are already extremely active in this issue particularly with RAICES (who we have hosted at Temple twice, Olga is on the board), the Interfaith Welcome Coalition, San Antonio Sponsoring Committee (SASC), SA Stands and RITA (Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance) through direct action and advocacy.

Direct Action

RAICES -- paying bonds for RAICES clients at ICE; financial donations

Interfaith Welcome Coalition -- volunteering at the bus station assisting recently released detainees from ICE facilities; financial donations


SASC Immigration Research/Action (R/A) team (TBE is a member of the SASC)

Interfaith Welcome Coalition Advocacy Committee


SA Stands (several organizations in SA working together on local issues)


Since TBE is a member of the SASC, all congregants are encouraged to participate in each of their three R/A teams. 

The Interfaith Welcome Coalition is always looking for volunteers and funding. The Advocacy team has been involved in lobbying training with Texas Impact and is reachiing our regularly to legislators. 


We believe many more people at Temple are interested in this issue and feel that TBE leadership can play an important role in helping promote participation. 


There are several topics directly related to our community,  the border as well as comprehensive immigration reform in which we could play a role through advocacy. 

Our community (San Antonio)

SASC has been working on what is now known as Cite and Release (SA Stands, Move Texas, too). Conversstions with many stakeholders have already taken place. Council receives the next update from SAPD  February 13. 


Everything related to the wall from funding to seizure of land, compensation to landowners, ecological damage, environmental protection

Comprehensive reform

Urging legislators to work on laws and policies that protect DACA recipients, support Sancturary Cities, asylum definitions, etc

Next Steps:

We need to determine where we fit in vis a vis all the organizations already involved in this issue. We discussed the possibility of coordinating with SASC Immigration R/A team and the IWC Advocacy committee. Another idea was to work with Temple Chai to create a larger Jewish presence (Temple Chai recently raised money for the IWC and presented them HEB gift cards) as well as RAC Texas.