Oneg Shabbat Guidlines

This information is intended to give you information to help you choose what you would like to provide for the Oneg Shabbat following the Friday night service. You may choose to order trays from a caterer or bakery or you may ask friends to each bake a few dozen of their favorite cookie or bar. You may also ask a friend to take charge of coordinating bakers and people to tray the desserts.

On an average Friday night there are 120-150 in attendance. Your Oneg Shabbat fee will provide the challah, wine and grape juice. Temple also provides water and coffee. When Sisterhood prepares the Oneg they usually provide a fruit and cheese tray and four trays of desserts.  Sometimes they may provide a cake in place of one or two trays of desserts, depending on the size of the cake.

If you choose to provide homemade items you will need to make sure they are on trays and ready to be served. There is no Temple staff that will prepare trays for you. You are welcome to come to the Temple kitchen and tray your items on Temple trays. Please schedule that with Geri Gregory so you don’t conflict with others using the kitchen. 

If the above options do not work for you, you may choose to ask Geri Gregory to order trays from HEB at your expense. She will order one fruit tray, one cheese tray and two assorted brownies trays. You will be charged for the cost of these trays as well as the cost for the courier service to deliver the trays. You must let Geri know at least one month in advance.

Of course, you can provide whatever you and your family like for the Oneg and does not need to be the same as Sisterhood provides. This is just to give you an idea. Please don’t hesitate to contact Cantor Berlin or Geri Gregory if you have any questions.