B'nai Mitzvah Parent Blessing Guidelines

“And you shall be a blessing…” [Genesis 12:3]


Here are some important guidelines to help you create a warm and memorable blessing to share with your child at his/her bar/bat mitzvah.  Suggestions for how to begin your blessing are in italics, followed by helpful instructions in brackets. Please know that Rabbi Marina Yergin, Cantor Julie Berlin and I are available if you need additional help…

  1.  At this moment…On this Shabbat…Here in our congregation, with family & friends gathered…  
    [1 paragraph of introduction, setting the tone and the stage for the blessing of your child to follow…4-5 sentences encapsulating how special this moment is and all that it brings to your life.]
  2. My/Our Blessing for you is…Our hope for you is…I/We pray that you will…  
    Just as______in your portion, May you be blessed with…

    [1-2 paragraphs of blessing, hopes, heartfelt wishes for what the moment of becoming means, how it affirms your highest aspirations as a parent, for your child’s future…]
  3. As God blessed us, enabling us to reach this moment of joy, we give thanks for…
    With gratitude, we thank God for granting us the gift of this moment…
    With the blessings of all our family as your gift, so may God bless you as well…

    [1 statement of closure/wrap-up for all to respond…”Amen!”]



If you have questions or concerns….please call me at my study, 210-733-9135 ext.101
Rabbi Mara S. Nathan



We want to thank everyone for joining our family on this joyous occasion. Ben, we have watched you work so hard over the past several months preparing for your Bar Mitzvah, and today we stand her so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Not only for the hard work you put into learning Hebrew and Torah, but also your weekly dedication to the Special Olympics program which I think has really taught you a lot about compassion and imperfection, as you have taught in your d’var Torah.

Our prayer for you all the days to come is that you be blessed with a long, happy, healthy life; That you have the courage to live your dreams, the wisdom to make your own choices, and the confidence to believe in yourself. May you always be able to accept your own weaknesses, and judge yourself and others with fairness and compassion. May you have the self-esteem to move towards whatever goals you set and live to see your world fulfilled. We love you very much and couldn’t be more proud of you, Mazel Tov!


Our wish is that you build on your experiences here at Temple Beth-El to foster a deeper understanding of yourself, your heritage and your place in this world.
Our wishes for you are many but can be summed up with the following:
May you always find the strength to stand up for your beliefs and interests and fight for what you want.
May you always be able to see through the distractions and focus on what really matters.
May you always be able to find the path through the chaos to lead yourself and others to a better place.
Your creativity is diverse and wonderful.  May your creative spirit thrive eternally and brighten your life and those around you.
May you always find the strength and courage to give your thoughts and ideas the life and support they need to thrive and have a positive impact on the world.
May you learn to temper your playfulness and give your goals the same attention that you give to your leisure.
May you always understand that humanity is the central tie that binds us all.
And above all, may God bless you and guide you to a healthy and happy and thoughtful life.
We are so proud of you and love you more than any words could ever express. Mazel Tov!