Temple Contact List

Main number: (210) 733-9135


To contact a member of the Temple staff, please dial the main number followed by his or her extension. For the Operator, please dial "0".

Professional Staff                        

Rabbi Mara Nathan 101 [email protected]
Rabbi Marina Yergin 102 [email protected]
Cantor Julie Berlin 103 [email protected]
Rabbi Samuel M. Stahl 104  
Rabbi Alan Berlin 118 [email protected] 
Leah Apothaker 105 [email protected]
Iris Berman-Smith 106 [email protected]
Geri Gregory 120 [email protected] 
Joel Swedlove 151 [email protected]
Michael Ringel 124 [email protected] 
Mike Kung 154 [email protected] 
Tory Richmond 158 [email protected]

Support Staff

Edith Vanderventer 107 [email protected] 
Dollie Closna 126 [email protected] 
Sara Planto 108 [email protected] 

Additional Extensions

Sisterhood Gift Shop 125 [email protected] 
Bendiner Library 110 [email protected] 
Reservations Hotline 208 [email protected]  
Directions to the Temple 273 See the map 
Directions to the Old Cemetery On Palmetto Street 272 See the map 
Directions to the Cemetery on Austin Highway 271 See the map