Staff at Temple Beth-El  



Rabbi Alan Berlin, Executive Director (ext. 118) Email

Leah Apothaker, Director of Congregational Learning (ext. 105) Email

Joel Swedlove, Director of Youth Programs and Informal Education (ext. 151) Email

Iris Berman-SmithClergy and Cemetery Administrator (ext. 106) Email

Geri Gregory, Member Services Coordinator (ext. 120) Email

Tory Richmond, Membership Director (ext. 159) Email

Ross Halfant, Social Justice Fellow (ext. 110) Email

Miranda Sutin, Librarian Email

Michael Ringel, Controller (ext. 124) Email

Edith Vanderventer, Rabbinic Assistant (ext. 107) Email

Sara Planto, Religious School Administrator (ext. 108) Email

Dollie Closna, Administrative Assistant (ext. 126) Email

Michael D. Kung, Facilities Manager (ext. 154) Email

Sonny Coronado Jr., Team Leader/Lead Custodian

Alan Johnson, Evening Supervisor/Event Coordinator

Humberto Reyna, Custodian

Julia Delgado, Custodian

Daniel Escamilla, School Custodian