Joel Swedlove

Director of Youth Programs and Informal Education

Joel Swedlove began his work at Temple Beth-El in June 2016, coming to us from Las Vegas where he worked at the Adelson Educational Campus as a Jewish Music Teacher, Athletics Assistant and Coach. Joel has gained significant experience in informal education having spent his summers as a song leader, unit head and program director for Camps Alonim, Hess Kramer and JCC Maccabi Sports Camp, respectively. Joel grew up in the Reform movement from his early summers at Camp Swig and Newman to serving as Religious and Cultural VP on NFTY Southern California's Regional Board. Upon graduating High School he served as youth group advisor and director for congregations throughout Southern California and Las Vegas. Joel recieved his B.S. in Communications from the University of Phoenix. He has a deep love of movies, comic books and sports. Joel and his wife, Stephanie, are the proud parents of two boys, Ethan and Alexander.

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We have completed our Hebrew Primer and have begun working in the Mitkadem packets. These packets will be what the students use for the rest of their Hebrew School education as they prepare for their Bar/Bat Mitzvot. It has been a great year, have a wonderful summer!

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