Mental Health

Meeting Notes

Notes from 5/2/2019

Attendees: Richard Goldsmith, Robin Kressbach, Ruth Wurzburg, Edie Tannenbaum, Rabbi Marina Yergin, Ross Halfant


  • Agenda
    • Recap of last meeting (what was discussed?)
    • The Process:
      • Roundtable discussion -- Why did you sit at the mental health table at H3? 
        • What's your personal connection to the issue? 
      • Goal -- to help Temple Beth-El bring about change
    •  Interest Idea(s)
      • Teens (vulnerable) 
      • Victims of sex trafficking
        • psychological effects 
        • Immigrants
      • "Vulnerable group of teens who lack self-worth/self-esteem"
    • The Research Phase:
    • Ways we can communicate (besides meeting face-to-face)
      • Zoom meetings
      • Google spreadsheets