Immigration Group

Meeting Notes


Meeting Notes from 3/27/2019

Attendees: Mina Lopez, Hannah Margolis, Ross Halfant

Discussion Items


  • Discussion on where we would like the immigration team to go (i.e. what should this group look like?)
    • Hands on projects
    • Organizations that we would/could partner with
  • Discussion on what does research mean
    • Who do we at Temple Beth-El have connections with? 
    • What organizations, nonprofits, groups are already doing the ground work, so we avoid 'rebuilding the wheel'?
  • Discussion on what leadership looks like
    • Doesn't have to be the same leader every meeting -- take turns
    • Need for someone to help schedule and facilitate meetings and communication
    • Leader is a "strong word" 
    • Responsibility can (and should!) be shared
  •  There was an idea brought by Mina for trying to organize and help a backpack assembly event at El Divino church on April 20th. There's been attempted communication with Temple Sisterhood to see about getting volunteers to help out on that day.

  • Toy drive for immigrant children at bus stations

  • Meal packing event for Temple:

    • Saturday morning?

    • Sunday afternoon?