Environment Group

Meeting Notes

Notes from 7/10/19

Attendees: Mel Cohen, Daniel Laser, Craig Gulledge, Tracey Gulledge, Lenny Feiner 

Upcoming Events:

7/16/19 - CPS small business energy savings meeting

8/6/19 7pm - RAC's Environment & Climate Justice Cohort online webinar

8/22/19 7pm – TBE H3 Group meeting. Registration link is https://urj.zoom.us/meeting/register/3851daee2b76e96234538d7d4481ef37?_ga=2.264133764.981062420.1563292857-2139216612.1539711478

Discussion Items:

  • Recycling information provided by Lenny.
  • Craig Gulledge is attending CPS small business energy savings meeting (7/16/19)
    • Action: Craig will provide information after symposium.
  • Reviewed information page on Mayor and City Council members which will be added to climate action and adaptation plan letter of support. Discussed supporting paragraph from the Environmental Subcommittee.
    • Action: Will finalize documents and send to Ross for clergy approval. (Daniel and Tracey)
  • Reviewed information on CPS SAWS assistance programs.
    • Action: Daniel will work with Jerry so list of assistance programs that can be given out at next TBE senior luncheon.
  • Discussed next steps on adopting San Pedro Springs Park.
    • Action: Will email questions and info to Ross H. (Tracey)

Important Links

Next meeting: August, date TBD