Top Ten Reasons to Join Temple Beth-El Sisterhood

10. It's fun! Sisterhood has events throughout the year, from Rosh Hodesh and Temple holiday happenings to drumming circles and art shows.

9. It's for women of all ages. Whether you are a college student, newlywed, young mom, working professional, or empty-nester, every women brings her unique talents to the organization in supporting our Temple, our community, and the issues impacting women in the Reform Jewish community. 

8. All events and activities are held in air-conditioned venues. Tell me this isn't reason enough to join right now.

7. It's a place to make new friends. Whether you like to be involved or volunteer only once a year, Sisterhood is a circle of friends you can count on. 

6. You can received discounts for shopping! Sisterhood members may save on every gift shop purchase, depending on their level of contribution. The more you support Sisterhood, the more you save all year-long.

5. It's a great way to support Temple programs. That's right. Part of your annual dues provides camp scholarships, underwrites youth activities, pays for the Yom Kippur Break- the-Fast, makesShabbat Oneg's possible, and creates the Temple Sisterhood Directory. Isn't that cool?

4. Natalie Portman, Debra Messing, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paula Abdul. We don't know if they are all active in Sisterhood, but we're guessing these Jewish sisters are probably supporters.

3. Carole Kerman, Barbara Moss, Debbie Kempler. These women are active in our Sisterhood and are people worth knowing. We're not saying they're "famous," but they're famous in our circles.

2. It's a chance to serve your community. And, helping others is what Judaism is all about, isn't it?

And the Number 1 reason to join Temple Beth-El Sisterhood...

1. Without you, we're one woman short! Don't delay, please join Sisterhood today!