Beth-El Brotherhood

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Beth-El Brotherhood is a service organization that is firmly grounded in the most important values of Judaism. Pirkei Avot, a book of the Mishnah, teaches that the world is based on three things: on Torah (law), on service to God, and on g'milut chasidim (usually translated as "acts of loving-kindness"). The Talmud says that g'milut chasadim is even greater than tzedakah (charity), because unliketzedakah, g'milut chasadim can be done for both poor and rich, both the living and the dead, and can be done with money or with acts.

Membership is open to any man above the age of eighteen years who has expressed a willingness to subscribe to our aims and purposes. Your participation can involve many diverse activities that serve our community, whether, by cooking for the Beth-Elders supper, sponsoring youth trips to Israel, building the Sukkah, or selling tickets to Fiesta parade seating while enjoying the parades yourself. More recent mitzvah projects are helping in the construction of homes for Habitat for Humanity, and providing volunteer services to the Wounded Warrior Project in San Antonio.


We believe in promoting, well, brotherhood. It’s not so easy to find a time and place to spend with other Jewish men. So, we gather regularly for lunch and happy hours to schmooze, and plan. Our bonds of fellowship are truly strengthened when we come together and perform g’milut chasadim.  


Beth-El Brotherhood was founded in 1929, and is affiliated with the national organization Men of Reform Judaism and proud of the fact we are founding members. One the many benefits of Men of Reform Judaism is the Jewish Chautauqua Society that promotes interfaith understanding and funding for national outreach educational  programs. As a member of Beth El Brotherhood, you will receive regular news and articles emailed from Men of Reform Judaism.  



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