Chavurot are groups of people within the congregation who get together regularly (usually monthly) to study, celebrate, and socialize. To help us find a chavurah for you, or to create a new chavurah, contact Geri Gregory, our Member Services Coordinator at [email protected] or (210) 733-9135, ext. 120 for questions or further information.

Currently Existing Chavurot

Shabbat Lunch Chavurah

Contact Geri Gregory at (210) 733-9135, ext. 120 or by email for further information.

Dinner & A Movie Chavurah

Contact Clarance Dickinson at (210) 885-2136 or email for further information and to be put on the notification list. You may also ask to join the Facebook Group.

Recovery from Addiction/Alcoholism Chavurah

For further information, call Geri Gregory at (210) 733-9135, ext. 120 or email.

Temple Cooking Project

Contact Amy Strickland (email) or Fran Cohen (email) to be included in this Chavurah for email notifications, or ask to join the Facebook Group.

Shabbat Torah Study

Saturday mornings at 9:00 am.

Kol Simcha - Volunteer Choir

If you are interested in joining Kol Simcha please contact Cantor Julie Berlin at (210) 733-9135, ext. 102 or by email or check out their page on the Temple website.


Contact @TBE20s30s by email or Rabbi Marina Yergin.  You may also check out their Facebook page to see upcoming events or look at their page on our website.


Check out their Facebook page.


Contact Mindi Silver-Weiss (email) or Nancy Gerson (email) for additional information.

TBE60s+ Singles

Contact Geri Gregory at (210) 733-9135, ext. 120, or email

Sunday FunDay
Contact Tory Richmond at 210-733-9135, ext. 158 for further information or email her.


For more information, contact Ruth Malinas.

Shabbat Nosh Bakers & Platers

Email Patricia Marcus if you would like to help, either baking with the group or at home, or by coming to the Temple on Friday afternoons to help plate. 

Bagels & Books Book Group

See the Bendiner Library page on our website for further information or contact our librarian, Miranda Sutin.

TBE Book Chavurah
For further information, contact Geri Gregory at (210) 733-9135, ext. 120, or email

Young Women's Chavurah
Contact Rabbi Marina Yergin at (210) 733-9135, ext. 102, or email for further information.