Chavurot are groups of people within the congregation who get together regularly (usually monthly) to study, celebrate, and socialize. Chavurot organize around a variety of different interests, and some are for adults only, while others welcome children. We can help you find a chavurah that meets your interests, or can assist in creating a new chavurah. To help us find a chavurah for you, or to create a new chavurah, contact Geri Gregory, our Member Services Coordinator at [email protected] or (210) 733-9135, ext. 120 for questions or further information.

Currently Existing Chavurot

Shabbat Lunch Chavurah

This is a group of adults who meet the first Saturday of each month after Shabbat Morning Worship (approximately 11:45 am) for a hot catered lunch and interesting program. This is free to all those over 65 and only $5 for those under 65. It is subsidized by a generous grant from San Antonio Jewish Senior Services. Contact Geri Gregory at (210) 733-9135, ext. 120 or by email for further information.

Dinner & A Movie Chavurah

This is group of individuals who get together for no-host movies and dinner.
Contact Clarance Dickinson at (210) 885-2136 or email for further information and to be put on the notification list.
You may also ask to join the Facebook Group.

Recovery from Addiction/Alcoholism Chavurah

If you are struggling or have a family member, co-worker or friend who is struggling with addiction, then join us at our meetings, usually held once a month on Sunday morningds to learn more and share about recovery from addiction/alcoholism. Whether you are struggling or know someone who is, all are welcome. For further information, call Geri Gregory at (210) 733-9135, ext. 120 or email.

Temple Cooking Project

This is a group, primarily made up of members of Temple Beth-El, San Antonio, Texas (but not exclusively), who are interested in pursuing cooking projects. Some of the projects are social action, reaching out and serving the wider San Antonio community, and some of the projects are for serving our Temple community.
Contact Kay Stein (email), Amy Strickland (email), or Fran Cohen (email) to be included in this Chavurah for email notifications, or ask to join the Facebook Group.

Shabbat Torah Study

This is a group that meets every Saturday morning at 9:00 am for Torah study with one of our clergy in the Block Conference Room of the Temple. Just show up to be a part of this dynamic group!

Kol Simcha - Volunteer Choir

The Volunteer choir of Temple Beth-El, Kol Simcha, is an integral part of Temple Beth-El’s worship services.  Kol Simcha rehearses weekly on Tuesday evenings.  If you are interested in joining Kol Simcha please contact Cantor Julie Berlin at (210) 733-9135, ext. 102 or by email or check out their page on the Temple website. It is not necessary that you have any prior musical training or know how to read music.  The main qualification is that you like to sing!


This is Temple Beth-El’s group for people in their 20s and 30s, is dedicated to creating Jewish community by connecting to Judaism, arts and culture, spirituality, tradition, the city of San Antonio, and to each other! 
In order to be able to have active participation, programming YOU want, and new members, we need to hear from you! Feel free to contact @TBE20s30s by email or Rabbi Marina Yergin.  You may also check out their Facebook page to see upcoming events or look at their page on our website.


Many people in their 30s & 40s (and beyond) at Temple Beth-El get together with each other to become closer, build Jewish community for themselves and their families and, of course, have fun! See their page on our website for further information and a list of future dates for gatherings or check out their Facebook page.


This is a group over 50 that gathers monthly for food, camraderie, and entertainment. Contact Mindi Silver-Weiss (email) or Nancy Gerson (email) for additional information.

TBE60s+ Singles

The mission of TBE60s+ Singles is to renew old friendships, make new friends, and enrich our synagogue life, while adhering to the “3 Es” of Entertainment, Education, and Eating. You need not be a Temple member to participate! For further information and/or to place your name on the mailing list, contact Geri Gregory at (210) 733-9135, ext. 120, or email. This is a fun and active social group that is supported, in part, by San Antonio Jewish Senior Services.

Sunday FunDay
This is a group of parents and toddlers who don't yet go to Religious School that meet on Sunday mornings for playdates at the Temple. This is a fun group! Contact Tory Richmond at 210-733-9135, ext. 158 for further information or email her.


Can you knit or crochet a shawl, blanket, baby cap, or ?? Everything you knit will be distributed by the Temple to those in need. Would you like to learn to crochet a kippak? For more information, contact Ruth Malinas.

Shabbat Nosh Bakers & Platers

Home-made cookies, bars, cakes, and other sweets are provided for Friday night Shabbat Noshes. Sometimes, cooks get together and bake as a group, and some people like to bake, but prefer to do so at home. Recipes and ingredients will be provided when we get together to cook. Plating for Shabbat Noshes are always needed on Friday afternoons! Please email Patricia Marcus if you would like to help, either baking with the group or at home, or by coming to the Temple on Friday afternoons to help plate. 

Bagels & Books Book Group

This Book Group usually meets on Sunday mornings several times during the year. See the Bendiner Library page on our website for further information or contact our librarian, Miranda Sutin.

TBE Book Chavurah
This is a group of adults who love to read and get together every other month to discuss a chosen book. For further information, contact Geri Gregory at (210) 733-9135, ext. 120, or email

Therapy Dog Training Chavurah
This group and their dogs are in training to be certified to visit nursing homes, help children with reading difficulties, and visit hospitals. Contact Geri Gregory at (210) 733-9135, ext. 120, or email for further information.

Young Women's Chavurah
for women between the ages of 21 and 40, this lively group meets every other month for social interaction. Contact Rabbi Marina Yergin at (210) 733-9135, ext. 102, or email for further information.