Dr. Samuel Gruber




Dr Gruber, an expert in Synagogue Architecture is Lecturer in Judaic Studies at Syracuse University where he teaches courses on The Art & Architecture of the Synagogue; Art & Memory in Jewish Tradition; and Jewish Space: Architecture in a Jewish Context.  He also teaches in the Honors Program at Syracuse University and at LeMoyne College, also in Syracuse.


Dr. Gruber will deliver the Annual Rabbi Samuel Stahl Lecture entitled They Shall Make Me a Sanctuary: An Illustrated History of Synagogue Architecture on Thursday, October 19 at 7:00 pm.

Dr. Gruber will speak about Torah and Sacred Space: The Bible as Building Manual during Shabbat services on Friday, October 20.

Following services on Saturday, October 21, he will facilitate a lunch and learn conversation entitled Arise and Build: Temple Beth El and American Synagogue Design. You may rsvp for Saturday’s lunch and learn at http://tinyurl.com/gruber-lnl or by calling Dollie at 210-733-9135 ext. 126.

Dr. Gruber will be joined at parts of the weekend by one of San Antonio’s leading architects, Rick Archer from Overland Partners, who is working with our ad hoc Sanctuary Visioning Committee to explore the future of our Wulfe Sanctuary. Our sanctuary has remained virtually unchanged since it was constructed 90 years ago. As our worship style has evolved over the past century, so has our use of sacred space. The ad hoc committee is in preliminary stages of exploration and has no preconceived conclusions. The outcome of the process may be to make no changes or to make significant modifications. We encourage you to be part of the exploration by joining Dr. Gruber throughout his visit and with Rick Archer in the coming months. 

Brought to Temple Beth-El by the generosity of the Rabbi Samuel Stahl Lectureship and the Jean and Jesse Wulfe Religious Enhancement Fund